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  • Graduated means GRADUATED!

    hello. yes I am back again. I know you sometimes do actually read it so I am going to update it more often. nothing on going much really, but one thing does bother my mind a little bit. The grads of this year are organizing a grad din, yep yep following the tradition. You know […]

  • writing blogs at work

    yea I am bored. man can’t believe I am updating this page again. gees i think my english is deteriorating big time … damn. I am planning to do something to this page. what? I have no clue. maybe some recent pics. oh well, I am starting to wonder why people advertise themselve on the […]

  • Today’s date:4/24/1998

    [this was quite memorable. this was 1 week before graduation from college. so i finally managed to find a job, find a girl, and bought a car. and i still wrote the same way after 3 years of tertiary education] Sorry, and finally, my last version of hp …. how many years…. three I think. […]

  • Close to Graduation

    Sorry, and finally, my last version of hp …. how many years…. three I think. Yeah, about three years old….. this page. haha, strange, and unbelievable, isn’t it? Anyways… Life is short, as the page has suggested. College life is even shorter. I shall be graduating in less than a week. Three years…. a flash […]

  • Today’s date: sometime in Summer 1996

    [Here comes one more ancient blog of mine. Background: Spring term. nothing to do. 2 classes a week and nothing else. wasted time and moeny. didn’t date any chicks. loser.] FINALLY! I created my new page! It is completely different now…. coz I think I am in a more mellow mood these days….hahahahahaa. Spring term […]

  • (no-title) thoughts …

    ok! Back to school again after the one week long spring break. I went to New York and Boston with 6 friends for the break. It was good fun except the poor weather in Boston. It was snowing, hale-storming, raining, ice-falling and anything you can think of. THe snow was about 2 feet high and […]

  • Today’s date:1/29/1996

    [Another one of my pre-historic blogs. wow this webpage thing must have felt like having a new girl friend or something. i was writing a lot!]Guess what, last night after I got back to my room, after my routine inspection of bagel[bagel was a host name in telnet. all hk-ers used to all log onto […]

  • Today’s date:1/20/1996

    The 20th…..InfoCentre…..where are they… [what the hell was that? i can’t remember!] My original plan of creating a new homepage was destroyed by the degree of imagination of my fantasies. I was planning to make a page which was going to consist of my pictures mainly. Portraits of me the big man would form a […]

  • Psych 101

    This was how I introduced myself to the cyberworld back in the 90s.