(no-title) thoughts …

ok! Back to school again after the one week long spring break.

I went to New York and Boston with 6 friends for the break. It was good fun except the poor weather in Boston. It was snowing, hale-storming, raining, ice-falling and anything you can think of. THe snow was about 2 feet high and I got wet after every exposition.

I ate a lot in China Town and my stomach is a lot bigger after the trip. I am having a feeling that this is the beginning of my “obese cycle”. I am going to eat more and more and by the time I get back to HK, I will look exactly the way I looked when I first came here.

This month is the HKSA killing me month. There are so many things happening at the same time: Movie Night, Basketball Meet, Newsletter, Michigan Lyrics… plus all the orchestra performances, well, maybe I won’t have as much time to eat as I thought; maybe I won’t get too fat…

Anyway, I am going to scan a few new pics from my spring break trip. So check them out soon. Also I am thinking of (again….) making my new page. It is still in progress…. and it is … well, not too bad, but just not working. Haha….