Today’s date: sometime in Summer 1996

[Here comes one more ancient blog of mine. Background: Spring term. nothing to do. 2 classes a week and nothing else. wasted time and moeny. didn’t date any chicks. loser.]
FINALLY! I created my new page! It is completely different now…. coz I think I am in a more mellow mood these days….hahahahahaa.

Spring term is going to finish in a week’s time, and what remain in this semester are solely exams exams exams exams. Ann Arbor is a bloody schizophrenic mad unpredictable maniac. Sometimes it is real nice: huge deep blue sky with moderate temperature. Th e smell of body spray and deodorant brings back all the feeling of summer and energy. Then the other day, it cries like mad. The rain drops are like falling stones. They love the ground and they obey the commands of gravity. They hit right on your head, t hen they will dance all over your body and force you to be one of them. [god. oh god. please stop.]Oh whatever, life here is still amazing….. get up at 10, go to 2 classes, do some tiny bit of work, then gather everyone to cook doll noodle, then play ball, then gather everyone to gether again for a big feast. Movies are our best companion. We went to see so many movies. haha, it was real enjoyable.

I am already day-dreaming about things that we can do back in Hong Kong. Karaoke…? I don’t dream about that…. it is like dreaming about brushing your teeth and taking a shower. Well, I dreamt about going to Sai Kung, walking through those fish markets , picking our desirable seafood: lobsters, shrimps, albalone(HOw to spell???) and so on. Then we march to the restaurant….”deep fried please!” ” Cheese baked lobster please!” wooo, maybe it is because it is lunch time now… I can’t control my mouth from flooding out saliva… [god. no. please.]

We can go to the peak, or go out to the sea, fish for a bit, sun bathe for a while, get a nice bronze tan… haha, maybe everything will be ruined by the HKSA…. you know, Michigan Lyrics, Hong Kong Orientation….and so on…. oh whatever, maybe I will be too busy in dealing with my new babessssssss….hhahahahahah … I think I am really dreaming too much. [man i was an annoying asshole! argh.]

Ok, that is it for today, bye for now.