Today’s date:4/24/1998

[this was quite memorable. this was 1 week before graduation from college. so i finally managed to find a job, find a girl, and bought a car. and i still wrote the same way after 3 years of tertiary education] Sorry, and finally, my last version of hp …. how many years…. three I think. Yeah, about three years old….. this page. haha, strange, and unbelievable, isn’t it? Anyways…

Life is short, as the page has suggested. College life is even shorter. I shall be graduating in less than a week. Three years…. a flash of a second… man. It is all gone now…. now more school life … college life. time for the real thing. work.

I will start working with the Anderson Consulting LLP [University of Michigan is a good school. they do teach you how to spell. i was just a bad student] in Detroit in late September. Process Analyst is what I am going to do …. well … whatever that is. haha. anyways, now I bought a car. Finally. I used my OWN money. man. It is killing me but I love my little baby. little minghon. It is a Volkswagon Cabrio…. convertable. Jazz blue. real cool. manual transmission. so cool. I love it. but it is slow. just like me. that is why I like it.

Now that life is almost gone … here …. and new life is waiting for me. ha, what should I do? ha. my mind is no where close to being ready. I still want to skip class, copy homework and get chicks. ha. whatever man. I am sure I will be more than ready …. aha. coz I am never ready for anything … and therefore I am always ready for everything. what?

and I met this girl. wow. she is cute. ha. well. am I ready for this also? ha. hope you will like my page.