The millenium

yes you jackasses I do update my homepage …. well like once in 2000 years. yep! Year 2000!! we all passed through this historical date with no problems … oh well I was terribly ill that night and only lasted till mid night. I went to the stupid DSOBA ball with mom and jung. It was fun for the fact that I was with my family. oh well….

what is going on with me? oh let me think … I am still working at Andersen(man … I didn’t even know how to spell my company’s name last time I updated my webpage…) … life is ok. boring in a way. still in Ann Arbor. I really need to get out of this shit hole. it is really getting a little bit too lifeless.

Things have and haven’t really changed. I look exactly the same, still lazy and trying to cut corners, but at the same time I am very settled down with Judy and our .. .see OUR focus is to find our career path and then really settle down. wow rite? haha.

well, apart from these usually stuff nothing really changed that much. I am going to get rid of my blue VW cabrio and get a Civic Si … yea yea I know civic sucks. but I am broke, man.

anyways, life goes on after y2k, even though I still have those bottles of water and torches at home that mom forced me to buy just in case …. oh whatever. if anyone who knows me and haven’t talked to me for a while or just some jackasses want to add a little color into my life by bothering me, send me and email or ICQ me la. [email protected] and 1334046.

gotta run. happy new year. hope we will all survive the next big day. 5/5/2000. why? email me and ask me la. 😛