Understanding Comics

I finished the book “Understanding Comics” by Scott McCloud. It was written in the mid 90s. I already miss the book. The author helped me understand why I felt the way I felt while reading comics- how time transpired, how emotions manifested, how actions were imagined …. He also contrasted the comics between the east … Read moreUnderstanding Comics

Last Month of the 💩2020 – A Pledge to Do Good

This is it. The final month of 2020. I won’t waste time bitching about it. We have been bitching about it every day for the last 335 days. What can we do in the last 30 days to feel less useless? Do the work and find one cause that you feel good giving back to. … Read moreLast Month of the 💩2020 – A Pledge to Do Good

A Week To Remember.

Nov 21st to 27th, 2020. Winter Fair, where 400+ people showed up. I was in charge of pasta. Made two sauces, and they tasted good. I got to use the full size kitchen at the school. Everything was so much hotter! I felt useful. The school is coming alone, albeit all the challenges, albeit the … Read moreA Week To Remember.

Investigating the “woo-woo” in Chinese and English

I love having a blog that I don’t know if anyone reads, because I can just write freely, but still be slightly restrained by an imaginary audience. The North Stars of this Post 1. All writing Gods instruct us to keep writing. 2. All philosophers seem to have said the same shit differently, over and … Read moreInvestigating the “woo-woo” in Chinese and English

Become an Educator

“In such uncertain times, does it still make sense for me to continue my “career”?”  “What are the most direct ways for me to make a difference in today’s chaotic world?” “How should I take my first step?” These were the most common questions applicants to the [Island Waldorf Teacher Training Program] asked themselves. Like … Read moreBecome an Educator