Graduated means GRADUATED!

hello. yes I am back again. I know you sometimes do actually read it so I am going to update it more often.

nothing on going much really, but one thing does bother my mind a little bit. The grads of this year are organizing a grad din, yep yep following the tradition. You know in those UK Universities they have V-shows, I think we have somehow started something similar: the grad din is an occasion for the grads to gather together one more time, and work together to achieve a common goal…..blah blah. It was fun when I did mine. Although it didn’t turn out as well as we expected. oh well. anyways, it was fun.

Similarly, this year, they are coming up with something big. A fantastic homepage, once again thanx to Calvin, an interesting program, and great food. Of course they include an election. However, it is the election that bothers me quite a bit.

If you go to the website and go to the election section, probably the first thing that pops up in your mind is, what the heck do these categories mean? Well, apparently they decided whom they would elect and then put up a category for this person. This is totally fine. It is more fun to have a “theme” for the election. However, the problem is, the nature of these categories are highly unprofessional, I believe. Why? I guess it is because of the potential winners they have in mind for these categories. For example, the sexy babe of 2000, they targeted a not so pretty girl. I felt that this was too much. A fun event is a event that everyone can associate, not some insider jokes, and definitely not some rude and insensitive jokes. Anyhow, I talked to my dear friend Joyce briefly about this and we were on the same wave length. Hence, as a committee, she pushed for a consent request for the nominees before putting them up for voting. What was the result? Of course most people declined. What the hell do you expect? Say you have 3 fingers and they nominate you for the most functional hand or something like that. For the love of God I am not going to go up there. you know what I mean.

then as I expected, they blamed my friend for suggesting the consent thing. Come on, it is the end product not the process! People reject you not because of the consent letter but the categories. The consent letter is an expression of their DIScontent with the categories. Stupid ass.

anyhow, enough said. It is still going to be fun. I am getting old.