NBA + Survivor = American

NBA is boring; NBA has lost its luster; NBA is still recovering from the post-jordan depression.

The all star game last night proved that NBA can still be fun, there are still rivaries, there are still stars, and there are still hearts in the players, particularly, Allen Inverson.
the East and West squares were assembled couple weeks ago via online fans voting and coaches selections. Normally this would only happen in places like the NBA Live game on your playstation. So, this is supposed to be a fantasy come true; a chance to see the best in the business competing against each other. However, as years gone by, the old East VS West rivarly no longer exists, partly because the money that the winning team recieves no longer mean anything to the players ( they probably use that money as tips for that guy valet parking their ferraris.), and also simply because they take the all start weekend as a break.
however, this year we witnessed a true allstar game. The east, which was propaganda by the media that it was of no match of the taller, bigger west team. Two of the five starters voted by fans on the east squad were out because of injuries. and the east team consisted of mainly guards(AI, Ray allen, spree, houston, carter, macgrady, marbury), and only one true center. While the west had a number of well established forwards(my man webber, duncan, garnett,malone, wallace … ), a couple of great guards (kobe anyone? kidd? Payton!?). Hence, from the stats and on paper, the west would simply bulldoze the east.
but Allen Inverson had something else in mind. ” Let’s win it. Why not win it in an all star game.” Said AI during a timeout in the second quarter when they were down 21 with 9 minutes left. That sparked the energy. They were the underdog, they had heard enough of this West better than East talk. Carter stack marbury started dumping threes. Mister Swag my finger Mutombo started grabbing rebounds and alterning shots, and AI started slashing and laying ups and cashing in his next 15 points.
before you know it, they were tied after Mac put back a miss. what happened?? all of a sudden they were back, after a 21 points deficit. This aint no all star game. this aint no let’s go out have fun take it easy kinda game. It felt like a championship game. The stars were battling it out. AI was battling it out. It was darn exciting.
Finally Kobe woke up, and started taking over the responsibilities. He made 3 consecutive shots down the stretch, exchanging points with AI. unfortunately, marbury didn’t let kobe “KEEP” his thunder. He stole it by draining two shots from downtown, everytime after kobe made a shot. 108-105, 108-108, 110-108, 110-111.
Kobe’s last shot. He was supposed to take it, and probably make it. However, he didn’t. Why? coz he saw the swagging finger.
what else could you ask for? My love for AI has increased dramatically. He has heart. He’s got skills. He is wild.
now is another 4 days until Survivor is on. I am such an american.