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  • I Dislike Myself for Disliking LeBron James

    He is overhyped. His greatness has an *. He is a shxtty person. After LeBron’s ridiculous performance in the first 2 rounds of the NBA Playoff, it is (once again) clear to me my feelings of LeBron James should be: He is potentially the greatest of all time. He is highly influential. H is by […]

  • A.I.

    I was up in toronto this past weekend and went to my first NBA playoff game: the 76ers vs the Raptors. It was a good game but not a great one. the sixers lost… but they won the series eventually. I spent the whole morning reading about AI. A lot of great articles or him […]

  • NBA + Survivor = American

    NBA is boring; NBA has lost its luster; NBA is still recovering from the post-jordan depression. The all star game last night proved that NBA can still be fun, there are still rivaries, there are still stars, and there are still hearts in the players, particularly, Allen Inverson. the East and West squares were assembled […]