Dark Times …

This is it. How sad. Time flew by like mad. People always say when you look back to this you will have a good laugh. Well, I hope that will be the case, but rite now, there is nothing to laugh about.

After I head back it will be a beginning of an uncertain summer. Where will I end up? What am I going to do? It is too uncertain to think about.

My trip to nyc was fun: jobsearch, GMAT, cook, cuddle. Weekends with joey and ingrid and dai low, dinners with aunties and cousins and lap yan….however, it was very unfruitful. I had couple interviews but that was it. None of them were in nyc.

and I screwed up my GMAT appointment…. $200 down the drain. oh well. let’s see what happens in August… My month. I am not looking forward to the trip to LA …. I just want to be in my little comfort zone … here in Newport. I remember we used to play the piece ” Festival at Newport”. It was a very melodious song. Newport newport. It has been very fun and sweet… yet i will always remember it as …. warm but with a splinter inside me……