mom spanked me

Stop your dirty thoughts.

I was eating breakfast and I heard mom removed the door stopper from her door. She came out, in shorts and t-shirt, ready for her daily 20 floors climb. We looked at each other, and I went back to my bitter lingchi tea, while she went back to tie her shoe laces.

“Good morning!” she said suddenly, forcefully, although almost in a jokingly manner.

“Good morning.” I replied, knowing that she was complaining slightly that I didn’t say good morning.

” My friend’s son died, in a sailing class.”

” Oh, really? You mean the one this is everywhere in the press?”

” Yea. She originally had two sons. Twins. One of them died during birth. Now the second one is gone.”

I felt bad. I know how she felt, because she, like all parents, knew how important their kids are to them. She was feeling very sad, because she knew how unimaginably difficult it would be if she were to lose one of us.

“Good morning.” I said.

She then went into the kitchen, and brought a box of carrot cake.

” Have a piece, my friend made it.”

I took two.

I wish they were cheesecakes.






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  1. VIYA Avatar

    …I think I know you.