1 fucking year! since! I! Last! WROTE! jesus.

one year. one long year. i still dunno how and why i got into this role. i never imagined myself being a sales. i was a technical consultant, someone who dwell on codes and bs about business processes day after day. i was developing mobile email solutions for palm. i used to help national banks in china to devise development and implementation plans for centralized banking systems.

now i am pressuring/bribing/seducing idiotic short-sighted local retailers to buy more sneakers.

today i stumbled upon a blog of someone that i never imagined to stumble upon. she is my colleague, one that i like (not romantically thank you very much). but to my horror, she wrote about us, about how she was disappointed and disgusted with us… us the sales guys.

i … dunno what to say about it. I have been in this role for 1 year and i have come to realize that in this company, you have to do your job. and somehow being a sales we all tend to be protective. and along the way, we have pissed so many people off because we became more and more protective and short-sighted. i also think that in a lot of ways we have this huge inferiority complex. that somehow we all feel that everyone dislike us, that we have to push grill squeeze everyone to get what we want.

people, hate, us.

it was sad to see how pissed off she was. i didn’t think we did it on purpose, or i should say we didn’t even think too much about it. it was a small stupid account and i neglected it. i didn’t think too much about it. but at the same time, we got hung up on being … well … the inferiority complex came into play again … that we felt we were not getting any help from anyone.

anyway, hai, what a big misunderstanding. but i know this is probably not an isolated case. they hate us.

how sad is that. i prefer writing codes over this stupid job. at least all i needed to do was to get the stupid program to work.