“I understood about one in four words of Moneyball, and it’s still the best and most engrossing sports book I’ve read for years. If you know anything about baseball, you will enjoy it four times as much as I did, which means that you might explode.”
-Nick Hornby

What an effective way to summarize the greatness of this book! (Nick Hornby is just great). I finished this book in three trips on the plane. What a great read. This is the kind of books that will get you thinking. It is so well written that even if you don’t understand anything about baseball, you will enjoy the book/story/journey. Well, it is about baseball, but at the same time it gets you to think about how someone challenges conventional wisdom, and how resistant we are to change as you are going through the story. Baseball, was just a medium to help Michael Lewis tell the story (in a truly wonderful and engaging way).