I haven’t written in a long time. This is partly because I have been super occupied at work, and partly because I spent most of my limited free time on facebook and twitter. Blogs serve different purposes. Some uses it to share ideas with others, but most of the time, they are just diaries of peoples’ everyday ranting; same here. 🙂

My boss is very good at keeping her staff busy. She would make sure that I have enough on my plate to keep myself occupied at work. However, now that I have two bossess, the balance has become a lot more challenging. With the way things are going with the economy, you have to pick your battle. I guess I am not doing such a great job in that.

Feeling occupied and busy at work is good, but whenever that takes up too much time, I think it is a bad thing. (duh!) Work-life balance is a complicated concept. I think most managers in the world don’t really have a concrete idea of what this is, and how to implement this. Yes, I named only managers, because I believe it is our jobs to really bring this to life.

I believe my often struggles of “do i love my job” kick in a lot more often when I don’t have other things in my life to keep me motivated. I guess the question should really be “Am I enjoying my life”.

I don’t know if I like my job. I think the question should really be “What do I want to do”. I guess the lack of alternatives, I mean alternatives that aren’t vague and uncertain, stopped me from taking the leap. I know, this is lame, and I know all the answers to these questions. Yet, I can’t seem to get myself to fix myself. argh. I am such a cliche! haha.

at 33, half of my life is gone, and so as Steve Jobs said, have faith that somehow the dots will connect. This logic is a bit self-fulfilling. But just like religion, sometimes it is okay to be self-fulfilling.

What’s next? I dunno. I kind of rely this on my wife. haha. She is embarking on a new journey in her life, and I am hoping by supporting her, I will too find my own way to spend my life.

Okay, diary completed.