From CSI to CSI

This is it. My accidental 2 months of absolute joy and zero productivity are coming to an end. Tomorrow I will head to Xiamen to attend the FA’11 CSI. Yes, the Nike CSI.

Last time I talked about leaving my job at Nike, and the reasons behind that decision. Things took a very strange turn at the end of the last CSI in Beijing. I received a call, scheduled a dinner, spent that dinner with someone I didn’t know at all, finished that dinner without remembering what I ate, and after a few rounds of “negotiation”, everything I said went straight down the toilet. Oh yes, the itch could actually be scratched later, because he gave me an offer I couldn’t resist.

I then had 2 months to get my knee fixed, and … to kill with my wife. We had an absolute blast. We went to Kou Samui, cooked some Thai food, slept and ate. I then had my acl reconstruction surgery, and had 3 hours rehab three times a week. Throughout this time you were right there with me, waited for me to get out of rehab, explored new restaurants, old apartments and disappointing exhibitions. I played a lot of NBA2K11. We bought a new Mac and a lot of baby stuff. We found the best bellota place in HK, and your belly button got a little to pointy for my taste.

On top of that, I added 10 more pounds (of pure fat) and a 3 inch scar on my body, and you have successfully grown an overly fidgety thingy inside your tummy.

I am not really looking forward to my life back at Nike. However, no matter how sad this is, the one thing I have learned these past 2 months is that …. we could only enjoy this kind of lifestyle if we have the money. So there you go, I am going back, and I will work my ass off, so then sometime down the road, in the future, we can do this again. Oh, and this time we will do it with that fidgety thingy.