9 Random Things in 2017.

Something about us, from homemade soda to being a fake-rebel. Source: touchofmodern.com FIZZY WATER The best thing we have bought, has to be the DrinkMate (by a company from Ann Arbor). Nothing beats making your own soda water at home. I had to buy the machine from Taiwan, then the co2 canister from MongKok. It … Read more9 Random Things in 2017.

How Do I Want To Feel in 2018?

Screenshot of https://www.nintendo.co.jp In short, I am trying to not say things like “I want to write more in 2018”.I started writing this a few weeks ago. I wanted to get through this, because I learned that it was easier for me to think through resolutions, but much harder to just hone in on the … Read moreHow Do I Want To Feel in 2018?

Bitcoin and Coconut Oil

image source: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/RbenG-X4ul0/maxresdefault.jpg A few days ago, a few of us, all middle-aged men, had a meal. We talked about Bitcoin, coconut oil, and also kids/sneakers/other entirely unimportant things. Typical of most conversations in life, we tiptoed around these topics, scratched the surface, carefully not to go too deep, because instinctively we all knew some … Read moreBitcoin and Coconut Oil

Gluten-free Humility?!

I think vulnerability and empathy are the gluten-free and organic fads of the business world: “I eat gluten-free therefore I am sophisticatedly healthy.” “I am humble therefore I am a thoughtful leader.” And everyday, I am constantly faced with situations where I had to choose amongst being a dick, or being empathetic (?), or be … Read moreGluten-free Humility?!

The Taste of Mid Life Crisis.

I saw my middle-aged self when I interviewed another middle-aged person, it’s deflating. I had an interview yesterday, and I am a little bit surprised by how I felt about it afterwards. I have been thinking about the experience a lot. I think this was because of the way he behaved was so representative of … Read moreThe Taste of Mid Life Crisis.

#Jedimindtrick and #MayaAngelou-Rize yourself

source: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ValidUniformCaterpillar-size_restricted.gif My friend’s recent life changing journey has made an impact on me. While going through it with him, I learned a lot about him, and also about myself. One thing in particular, is around self awareness. I could not stop thinking about how we could become better at knowing who we are. (now … Read more#Jedimindtrick and #MayaAngelou-Rize yourself