9 Random Things in 2017.

Something about us, from homemade soda to being a fake-rebel.

Source: touchofmodern.com


The best thing we have bought, has to be the DrinkMate (by a company from Ann Arbor). Nothing beats making your own soda water at home. I had to buy the machine from Taiwan, then the co2 canister from MongKok. It was also a semi failed attempt as a surprise Christmas present.

I also am peeing a lot more in the middle of the night. Nope, it’s over consuming fizzy water, not age.


Let me tell you what happened. One day, at band camp â€¦

… 🐾🥃🧖🏻‍♀️🤼‍♀️🌠🎏👾 â€¦

START UP (donations needed)

And then, the first day of Island Waldorf School. Yea, this was just madness. People starts coffee shops. Artisanal ones if they are ambitious. Or start ups that only require ideas and a co-working space. Or go write a blog. But she decided to start a school.

Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with this project. I just got into the picture.

REBELS (for 1 afternoon)

Secret pathways @ the Macao Pier, only for Rebels

In the middle of the year, we went to Macao. We were stopped at the borders, and 4 hours later, and we were kicked out.

It was delightful to know some country (or at least a Special Adminsitrative Region) was afraid of our presence.

Oh, they paid for the return tickets.


海安咖啡室 was a pleasant discovery that I now go there every week.

egg, corned beef, spring onion, pineapple bread, black coffee.

Hal’s in Causeway Bay changed their chef, and after one repeatedly under cooked cod, we had to say goodbye.

明珠 in Central also closed their doors after â€¦ 40 years (?).

It was a sad day. We have been going to this place for more than 10 years. This place literally fed our kid when she was still a sperm.


Thanks to this little gem (récolte Solo Oven), I have eaten so many different version of egg sandwiches this year.

Cheddar, fried egg, bagel.

Everyone was a great day trader 📈 in 2017.

Netflix+50%. Apple+45%. Amazon+50%. Vanguard+19%. Microsoft+38%. (no I was too chicken to buy any of the cryptocurrencies). Thank you🖕🏼Donald Trump?

I know Kung Fu (in cooking).

Everything on Serious Eats is great. I read and bookmarked so many of them, imagined I made all of them, and successfully made 1/2 of one of its recipes.


Finally, I am a hamster. And I will die without routines. This saturday 6-7am routine has been great. This is the time I force myself to write something.

It has made me appear smarter, it is making me use my MacBook Pro more, even though the stats continue to achieve a remarkable zero across the board. ðŸ™‚


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