Nintendo Labo Convinced Grown-Ups to Wear Card Boxes.

Screenshot of Nintendo Labo Review by c|net If anyone claims that he or she was not surprised when Nintendo announced Labo, they are lying. Nintendo Labo looks stupidly and crazily fun. In case you are not aware what it is, check this video out: These are about to launch, and finally more real life people are … Read moreNintendo Labo Convinced Grown-Ups to Wear Card Boxes.

I Deleted Facebook and Bread.

Background: Deactivated my Facebook Account. Logged out of Whatsapp. Cut out carbs. This is what happened (is happening): 🎛 I caught myself mindlessly flicking through … Settings on my iPhone. 💨 I fart a lot more thanks to those legumes and beans. 👨🏻‍⚖️ I feel like I am wearing a suit and tie while on Linkedin. … Read moreI Deleted Facebook and Bread.

30 Days with Alipay & Apple Pay (wallet)

My #1 realization is I am cheap. I have used both of them in the last 30 days. There wasn’t any specific rule so to speak, but I did try to use Alipay as my default in the beginning, because I have been an Apple Pay user for a while. My most common use cases … Read more30 Days with Alipay & Apple Pay (wallet)