I Deleted Facebook and Bread.

Background: Deactivated my Facebook Account. Logged out of Whatsapp. Cut out carbs. This is what happened (is happening):

🎛 I caught myself mindlessly flicking through … Settings on my iPhone.

💨 I fart a lot more thanks to those legumes and beans.

👨🏻‍⚖️ I feel like I am wearing a suit and tie while on Linkedin.

🥦 I always hoarded all the vegetables therefore less people like to eat with me.

📞 Only 3 people was concerned enough to try to find me, after they realized I wasn’t on Whatsapp. Two iMessaged me, and one called.

🔋 My phone lasts way longer every day.

🥖 I experienced greater swings in energy level … maybe it’s just the sight and smell of those damn bakeries. I swear there are more bakeries that opened in HK this past week.

🧟‍♂️ I am more socially strange and awkward.

😇😈 Twitter is just another echo chamber. Then when you go to the comments, it immediately becomes a toxic stew of hell and heaven.

💪🏼 🤤 I lost weight and gained “Oh-bakery-oh-delicious-bread-oh-muster-self-control-oh-shit-it’s-hard” anxiety.

👩🏻‍🏫 Everyone on Linkedin has found their why #startwithwhy, excels in having a #growthmindset, and wakes up at 4:30am #5SecretRoutinesofGreatLeaders.

📈 I missed the rise of Judas Law, a street musician that was trending crazily in Hong Kong. Argh, I basically missed all trends and gossips that define my social credibility.

🐻 Someone commented that I ate like a bear. The increasingly socially awkward me struggled to discern if that was a compliment or not.

🇺🇸 Twitter makes me less Asian, more American.

🗞 Harvard Business Review is almost excessively talkative on Linkedin, and I am starting to wonder … how do I know if it is not trying to trick my brain? #fakenews #jedimindtrick

🍎 I enjoy Apple News more than Flipboard. Apple News also contributed to my American-ness.

😱 Facebook still runs in the background (I kept the app but was not logged on). This was according to the Battery Usage in settings. Oh did I say I was flicking through settings?

and … finally …

No Carbs? Maybe low carbs.

#deleteFacebook is likely going to stick.

Whatsapp won. It’s impossible not to use it in this part of the world.

I enjoy LinkedIn.





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