Honestly (The 2021 WhatsApp Exodus)

The day I saw the pop-up on WhatsApp, I decided to try and ditch WhatsApp (again). What was I thinking at that moment, honestly? I did not even think about looking into it deeper. I felt it was an ultimatum, and I decided to ditch it. I ditched Facebook because of how much it took … Read moreHonestly (The 2021 WhatsApp Exodus)

I Deleted Facebook and Bread.

Background: Deactivated my Facebook Account. Logged out of Whatsapp. Cut out carbs. This is what happened (is happening): 🎛 I caught myself mindlessly flicking through … Settings on my iPhone. 💨 I fart a lot more thanks to those legumes and beans. 👨🏻‍⚖️ I feel like I am wearing a suit and tie while on Linkedin. … Read moreI Deleted Facebook and Bread.