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  • The Comfort of Charlie Munger

    The Comfort of Charlie Munger

    In Boston, inside a quiet mall, the chilled air on the sixth floor held a hint of men’s cologne and new suits–a stark contrast to the late afternoon summer heat outside. I was there, pushing my son, fast asleep in his stroller, while my wife and daughter were shopping elsewhere. I listened to the ‘Berkshire…

  • Does Musk Know He Is Fucked Up? Wrong Question.

    My wife noted, “The worst part is that Musk is unaware of the magnitude of his problems.” I don’t think his problem is a lack of awareness. The biggest problem is that he genuinely doesn’t think there are better solutions. In the latest book on Musk by Issacson, Musk acknowledged his situation multiple times. He…

  • 2022 in 10 Random Moments

  • A Momentous Day: 24th of February, 2022

    A Momentous Day: 24th of February, 2022

    Today, Russia invaded Ukraine. At the same time, Omicron is ravaging Hong Kong. Unlike previous waves, COVID feels so intimate this time around. There are people around me catching it. I have found myself stressed out, anxious and short tempered. On the positive side, I have been paying closer attention to myself. I have become…

  • 2021å¹´ 香港 最有未來歷史價值之字

    「#曲」 「#曲」是恆久忍耐,又是勇氣。 「#曲」是不偷生,不老廢,不無謀,不沮喪。 「#曲」是#JMGGJ;「#曲」是#WAGMI。 「#曲」是一種技能:一種活下去的技能。

  • Do you remember where you were on September 11th, 2001?

    I do. I have a personal story of 911. I have my own narrative of how I participated in that moment in history. I was in Ann Arbor, walking down South State street. In the air, beneath the warm confident blue sky, a whisper of the dry Midwest cold to come.  I have memories of…

  • The Complete Summary Of Hong Kong At #Tokyo2020

    A summary of all the medals won by Hong Kong Athletes.

  • When Emotions Overwhelm #Tokyo2020

    Photos of the instant emotions overwhelming Olympics athletes. These moments are so mesmerising because they are so rare and dear and visceral that they are almost mystical.  These photos are magical also because we can somehow feel exactly how they are feeling even though they are just static images. There is very little confusion whether…

  • CCP @ 100

    CCP @ 100

    Anything that generates a lot of internal resistance is probably something we should pay the utmost attention to. Understanding Communist China is one of those tantalizing things. On one hand, the naive part of me wants China to be good. This is not because I am Chinese, it is because we all are stuck on…

  • 「佳節之思」寫一抒情文

    沒想到,在短短25年,這個社會裏所有的真相,都變得模糊。 原來每6件我的事實當中就有4件是別人的fake news。原來低脂可減肥可致肥可減肥。原來運動是暴動是運動。 你我看到的、聽到的、體驗到的、原來是都不可能一樣的。我們可同意的、可共覓的,越來越少。 現在我們只可以依靠別人替我們的warrior hearts代言。我們只可以透過暗淡的顏色尋找共鳴和同志。我們只可以把我們對土根的愛與抱負,寄託於灣仔長大的小肉鮮22歲的壽辰派對。 我覺得很懦弱。自己所有的選擇,都很自私。我在逃避、在放棄。我是一個活廢老。每次當孩子問及一些連我自己這個成年人也不明白的問題時,我都會騙他說:「你長大後就會明白的。」我很討厭自己為什麼找不到勇氣,跟他說實話?「孩子,你長大後就會明白如何妥協的。」 維克多·弗蘭克在「Man’s Search For Meaning」一書裏說:「當一個人成功找到『意義』後,他會找到快樂,也會找到應對痛苦的能耐。」 所以每逢佳節,我都會問自己:「我是否每天都在做連三歲小孩子都知道是有意義的事情嗎?」 對我而言,唯一能幫助自己找到在這個社會偷生的能耐,就是常常認真地回答這個問題。