The Coronavirus Lock-Down: Make the Most Out of It.

Time to Practice Cheesiness.

Because of the coronavirus, school has paused for weeks, and my wife and I had to take turns to deal with the increasingly bored kids. The world seemed to have shrunk too- All the news and conversations during this time seemingly all circled around face masks and cruise ships. At the same time, our businesses are facing new conflicts and challenges. Yikes.

This period had been quite illustrative too. I have always struggled to make quotes like “seize the moment”/“No snowflake falls ever at a wrong place” work for me. These universal truths didn’t always come to the rescue when I needed to appreciate the moment, you know, like when I couldn’t find toilet rolls in supermarkets. I realised I lacked practice applying these quotes, and why I didn’t practice enough was because of the mundaneness of normal everyday moments. Most everyday moments were bland and didn’t ask for much. They were hard to notice, and our attention seemed to struggle to stay with them.

Yet when hand sanitizers costed more than almond milk Arabica coffee lattes, when opening big glass doors without touching the handles required rocket science, days weren’t quite normal anymore.

And they became moments to practice applying cheesy carpe diem quotes.

Okay. This empty rice rack is just another snowflake.





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