The Churchillian Drift

We are suckers to smart sounding famous quotes that are fake “BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD.” Gandhi. It’s empowering when Gandhi reassured my insignificance could make a difference in this vast universe. “WE HAVE TWO LIVES, AND THE SECOND BEGINS WHEN WE REALIZE WE ONLY HAVE ONE.” Confucius. This woke me up, … Read moreThe Churchillian Drift

Soul-Piercing Lessons of Life

From time spent listening to my daughter plays the violin Whoever invented the violin was a jerk. The thing was designed to be shoved into your chin and to tattoo a hickey (google “violin hickey”) onto your neck. It makes soul piercing screeches that redefine the essence of dissonance. It is impossible not to detest it. … Read moreSoul-Piercing Lessons of Life

The Coronavirus Lock-Down: Make the Most Out of It.

Time to Practice Cheesiness. Because of the coronavirus, school has paused for weeks, and my wife and I had to take turns to deal with the increasingly bored kids. The world seemed to have shrunk too- All the news and conversations during this time seemingly all circled around face masks and cruise ships. At the … Read moreThe Coronavirus Lock-Down: Make the Most Out of It.

The Case for Cheap Micro-Successes

I needed a boost for my ego., the website of my little leadership coaching gig, is up. It was built with WordPress, an unnecessarily more complicated option, instead of WIX or Squarespace. I wasted hours on it, because I was too proud. I was good at building websites. I built the site of a Student … Read moreThe Case for Cheap Micro-Successes

How Do I Want To Feel in 2020?

“Like this?” ( I did it. In 2019, I quit my 20+ year-long corporate career and started to be on my own. I did it. In 2019, I went to a 10-day meditation retreat. I did it. I achieved my 2019 goal- I did it. Hence in 2019 life has taken a few turns and … Read moreHow Do I Want To Feel in 2020?

“Fear of the Unknown” is Imprecise

Change is hard because it leads to failures. And failures are scary. 99% of us already know this. 🥱 The Jack Mas and Ray Dalios give us reasons and tips to bear-hug fear, and then every protagonist of any “zero to hero” movies explains to us, “It’s the fear of the unknown!” Or is it? … Read more“Fear of the Unknown” is Imprecise