Black Lives Matter. Really?

Mental models in action

First, how do I become a racist? What makes me not inclusive. Why don’t I embrace diversity?


What are the things that I tend to do under these circumstances?

  1. Confuse reactions with actions, unaware of the desires to need to feel good, safe, and useful:
    👍🏼 “Like” / “Share” things that make me feel good and useful.
    🙏🏼 Wishfully believe that the world will become better. Delegate to history, God, or both, for justice.
  1. Think I have done enough


1️⃣ Child’s mindset

❗️Drag myself into rabbit holes:

❗️Catch myself for applying associations and conventions too soon
❗️Explain these realizations to my daughter

2️⃣ Proximity & Exposure:

Find people that gives me a better chance to know what it is like being black:
Baratunde Thurston
Zerlina Maxwell
Bryan Stevenson
Talitha LeFlouria
Van Jones
Equal Justice Initiative

Expose myself to narratives outside of my bubble:
Ben Shapiro
DeAnna Lorrain
Scott Presler
Dave Rubin
One America News

3️⃣ Ask for Help
* What should I be reading?
* Whom should I talk to?
* What am I missing, doing wrong?
* Would you talk to me?

Lastly, be mindful of “effort justification.”

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