Tag: Cognitive Bias

  • Black Lives Matter. Really?

    Black Lives Matter. Really?

    Mental models in action First, how do I become a racist? What makes me not inclusive. Why don’t I embrace diversity? Then. What are the things that I tend to do under these circumstances? Confuse reactions with actions, unaware of the desires to need to feel good, safe, and useful: 👍🏼 “Like” / “Share” things that […]

  • The Churchillian Drift

    The Churchillian Drift

    We are suckers to smart sounding famous quotes that are fake “BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD.” Gandhi. It’s empowering when Gandhi reassured my insignificance could make a difference in this vast universe. “WE HAVE TWO LIVES, AND THE SECOND BEGINS WHEN WE REALIZE WE ONLY HAVE ONE.” Confucius. This woke me up, […]

  • Most useless hack: Morning routines of successful people

    She wakes up at 4:30 am. After two glasses of water, she heads to the gym for a 1 hour HIIT workout and weight training. She takes a cold shower, followed by a 25 minutes mindfulness meditation. Her breakfast includes nuts, yogurt, vegetables, and coffee. She is ready to take on the world before 7 […]