Back-tracking the 🏞 of Ideas

I am now at

Before that, I was thinking if I should put my tokenised newsletter under wootwoot, or enlivenworks, or something else.

Before that, I was inspired by [] and decided to tokenise🤑 my newsletter.

Before that, I was inspired my [Mckinley Valentine] and [Balaji Srinivasan]’s [post], and decided I should start a newsletter on my own domain.

Before that, I created at, a place where I could throw all my writings at. It’s the ultimate closet of junk. I felt freer to write whatever I wanted here. I liked it.

Before that, it was I was on a hamster wheel. I found myself “3D pressing” the icon often to get to the stats. I craved for 👏🏼. Followers too. It took me years to accept I didn’t find that fun.

Before that, I shared 3 random things on LinkedIn weekly. It was a discipline I enjoyed. I stopped, and I still don’t know why.

Before that was 7 years of emptiness.

Before that was

Before that was blogger.

Before that was