Year 2021 In Random Moments

This is the final piece to wrap up 2021- a selection of moments that defined the year: The Bandwagon of 2021 The Change of 2021 The Shittiest Shit I Said I Wouldn’t Do But Did Anyway in 2021 The Most Sudden End of 2021 The Most Shamelessly Proud Moment in 2021 The Best Investment in … Read moreYear 2021 In Random Moments

Year 2021 in Books

Some Stats: 26 books 18 Audiobooks 6 Kindle books 2 physical books 27% of them written/co-written by female authors 3 Fictions (the last fiction I read was probably Harry Potter …… ) 2x: The speed I listened to audiobooks Now, onto the books: 👾 Understanding Comics By Scott McCloud 💆🏻‍♂️💆🏻‍♂️💆🏻‍♂️💆🏻‍♂️💆🏻‍♂️ I love the book. It’s … Read moreYear 2021 in Books

I Am Now A Gig Worker

I was hired as a Bravely Pro last week. Bravely is an online coaching company. It hires contract coaches (Bravely Pro- my latest professional moniker) to provide on-demand coaching to employees of Bravely’s corporate clients. So yes, I am now in the gig economy. Instead of driving people around in cars or delivery food on … Read moreI Am Now A Gig Worker


過往九個多月,每朝晨光乍現前,都會利用泡咖啡的數分鐘,細讀明川先生著作的「豐子愷漫畫書選繹」。 這本書是明川先生在七十年代中編寫的。而我讀的這個版本,是從二手書店裏撿回來的九十年代的修訂本。雖然在肺炎疫情期間無法外遊,但我透過此書,在過去九個多月,完成了一個八十多年的時光旅行: 三十年代老人對童真的愛慕。二戰時代兒童騎天馬與轟炸機共舞。七十年代文人對中華一瀉千里的眷戀。九十年代港人,在金碧輝煌的盛世的片刻,驀然回首,撈摸成長的傷麟。 「會不會?有人在公務之餘,春秋歲月裏,偶爾在風中月下踱一回方步?」 會不會?

Fundamentally Safe

I listen to Jeff Warren’s guided meditation. The way he takes me onto meditation trips is mischievous and accurate. At the climax of his “simple meditation” trip, he asks us, to be very still, quiet, and edge ride between openness on one hand, and having this delicate direction for our attention on the other, and … Read moreFundamentally Safe