44 Things @ 44

  1. COVID-19: 3rd wave in HK. Lock down again. No dine in after 6.
  2. COVID-19: Globally, 20.6M confirmed cases, 749K deaths.
  3. COVID-19: US was a complete mess. Shocking. HK did ok.
  4. HK and China- National Security Law. China is exerting its influence globally, forcefully. Quipping with the Trump US. Messy.
  5. We have had many years of relative peace. World War ended in 1945, which was 75 years ago.
  6. Tech rules the world these days- Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Tencent, Alibaba. And they have been targets for antitrust probes, misinformation, and national fights.
  7. TikTok became the punching bag between the US and China. US said it would ban the app in the US. First ever.
  8. This year is the election year. Trump is up for his second term. Biden teams up with Kamala Harris.
  9. HK cancelled its legco election, because of the pandemic. It is annoying because the pan-democratic folks have the momentum to win the majority.
  10. The NBA paused, and now have resumed. They are inside a bubble in Disneyland.
  11. 9 year old + 2.5 year old.
  12. Belcher’s for a year now. Love it. Very grateful.
  13. New site of our school almost complete. It is beautiful.
  14. Wife now has a room to work in.
  15. She could eat and lead better.
  16. I get to hug her almost every morning.
  17. ⭐️I still feel very bad about what happened. At the same time, I am forever grateful that she stuck with me. This, is the most vivid reminder of the feeling and power of love.
  18. I am on my own, running enliven works.
  19. It has been a failure, which I am ok with at this moment.
  20. I am on a newsletter binge.
  21. I have a unified idea of who I am online. I am happy with it.
  22. I exercise every other day, either at home doing bodyweight workout, or at the gym.
  23. I have gained 4KG in the last 6 months.
  24. It was because of a mental health episode – binge eating.
  25. I am taking 50mg of lamictal and 20 mg of Fluoxetine.
  26. I am happy with my mental condition. It’s stable at this moment.
  27. Ups and downs still exist, but in general I have a better handle of it at this moment.
  28. I am almost done with my dive into philosophy. The feeling of “there is nothing new under the sky” is strong.
  29. I strongly feel it is time to create.
  30. I don’t eat as strict anymore. Almost some bread everyday.
  31. I do recognise and notice how good my life is- healthy immediate family (physically and mentally), mom is alive. I have enough money.
  32. I am looking for a job, because we are burning 40,000 (second mortgage to support the school) + 40,000 monthly expenses. My own gig doesn’t make enough to support it.
  33. Job search has been very slow. I felt anxious I still got rejected as often as before. My title at Apple was BD manager. I am looking for VP GM roles in tech, sportswear, lifestyle brands, new tech startups.
  34. I meditate every day for 20-40 minutes using Sam Harris’ app.
  35. I have been more aware of the idea of “consciousness and its content” more often.
  36. I find it very helpful to be less attached to most things.
  37. I am using theBrain to put my thoughts together.
  38. The path I am on right now is communication, which I call “Cassandra.”
  39. I feel I have found something looming. It is around the edges of how we communicate, and then live a better life. It’s broad and vague. But I am seeing an anchor for my otherwise very random thoughts.
  40. My goal was to be useful in the mental health world by 50.
  41. My current personal philosophy: be useful, do good work. Becoming clearer, and “oh wow.”
  42. These are “characteristics” I want to “work diligently” on- compassion, grit (purpose, patience, perseverance), curiosity, humility, appreciation of beauty and excellence.
  43. I am working on relaxing and taking breaks.
  44. Overall, I feel grateful. I am in a good place. Thank you.
August 13th, 2020, after workout at home in the morning at around 6am.