Julie Mehretu Invisible Line

What Were Steve Jobs and Hitler Doing When They Were 44?

Hitler became the chancellor of Germany in 1933 when he was 44.

Jobs officially returned as the CEO of Apple at the age of 44.

I am 44.

The moment we existed high school, age started to become irrelevant. It was as if, at the moment of graduation, the line of age just elongated and became seamless, that it really didn’t matter anymore where you were on that line.

44 used to feel old. My first boss was 44. She was boring, old fashioned, had an ugly hairstyle. I laughed at her routines- She would always read her newspaper with a cup of coffee at 8:45am with oldies playing in her office.

44 used to mean maturity. One of my college friends’ dad was 44 when he dropped of his son at orientation. He had a beer belly, seemed wise, and drove a convertible.

I am 44.

I am a father. I am very stubborn with my routines. I no longer give a shit about what I wear. I am not particularly wise. I am no Steve Jobs or Hitler.

It does not matter where I am on that seamless line.

I am 44.

(Image “Invisible Line” By JULIE MEHERETU @ https://www.centrobotin.org/en/recorrido_piece/invisible-line/)