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  • 10 Years of Meditating

    I started meditating in 2012, when Headspace was launched. What are the useful things that I’ve gotten out of doing something for 10 years? Throughout this time, I tried all kinds of apps, such as Insight Timer, Calm, Ten Percent Happier, Waking Up, Oak. I went to a 10 day silent retreat, virtual retreats, even in-app retreats. I experienced Vipassana, Metta, […]

  • The Very Useful Definition of Mindfulness

    I just finished listening to Lex Fridman’s interview with John Vervaeke. I have been hearing about John and found his ideas intriguing. He is a thinker and a narrator that I feel connected to. I enjoy his talks, but they are always heavy, which makes listening to him “work.” His content is heavy and complex. […]

  • The Last Time, by Sam Harris

    Take a moment to think about all the things in this life that you will experience for the last time. When is the last time you swim in the ocean? Or went camping? When is the last time you took a walk just to take a walk? As you go about your day today, consider […]

  • Fundamentally Safe

    I listen to Jeff Warren’s guided meditation. The way he takes me onto meditation trips is mischievous and accurate. At the climax of his “simple meditation” trip, he asks us, to be very still, quiet, and edge ride between openness on one hand, and having this delicate direction for our attention on the other, and […]

  • Why Meditate?

    Why Meditate?

    I started meditation in 2012 when the Headspace app was launched. Since then I have stopped, restarted, struggled, changed many apps, attended a 10 day silent retreat. Now, I meditate daily, and I am confident to say that I will be practicing meditation for the rest of my life. So why do I meditate? I […]

  • What Were Steve Jobs and Hitler Doing When They Were 44?

    What Were Steve Jobs and Hitler Doing When They Were 44?

    Hitler became the chancellor of Germany in 1933 when he was 44. Jobs officially returned as the CEO of Apple at the age of 44. I am 44. The moment we existed high school, age started to become irrelevant. It was as if, at the moment of graduation, the line of age just elongated and […]

  • Lure

    Jaw pulsates and throbs Darkness shimmers in darkness Thoughts lure me in, again πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  • Why Meditate? η‚Ίδ½•ζ‰“εοΌŸ

    To meditateis to unlearn our relationship with time, self, and then reality. ζ‰“εζ˜―ι‡ζ–°θͺθ­˜θˆ‡ζ™‚間、θ‡ͺε·±γ€ε’ŒηΎε―¦ηš„ι—œδΏ‚γ€‚

  • Mornings πŸŒ„

    These days, these pandemic / lock down heavy days, I have two types of mornings. Type 1: 430-5: Wake up 5-540: meditate 540-740: Breakfast, laundry, read, write Type 2: 430-5: Wake up 5-7: Exercise 7-720: Meditate 720-740: Breakfast, laundry, read. Why do I struggle with it? How am I struggling with it? First, I dread […]

  • Side Effects of Anti-depressants: Accidental Mindfulness

    I have been battling with my mind for a few years now. I tried talk therapy, CBT, medication, meditation, exercising, morning routines, dusk routines, pre-sleep shut down routines, mushroom elixir, you name it. What I have learned is some of these might work for some of the time. Hence it is important that I accept […]