Backpack Buying ๐ŸŽ’

I spent months trying to look for a new backpack. My old Fjallraven was destroyed. There were two big holes in the bottom of the computer compartment. One of them was repaired and then broke again. Zippers were coming off. The bag was exceptional in terms of usability, weight, and capacity. I liked the clamshell design. It took me onto many 2 days trips. I even managed to put everything me, my wife and my daughter needed for an overnight trip. Alas, durability wasn’t the key feature of this brand. I needed to find a replacement.

And I just could not find something that’s similar in weight (0.5KG) and volume (~15L) at a reasonable price (<HKD1500). Most bags are much bigger, heavier, and more expensive. I maintained a spreadsheet to try to help me weave through the options. I watched and read reviews after reviews. Instagram knew my tastes and served up endless amount of ads for backpacks.

In the end, I bought the Patagonia Black Hole Mini MLC. It’s a big bag (26L). It costed HK$1400. I bought it because it was from Patagonia, a brand I respected. The big was a tad too big, so I hope I will grow to love it, the way I did with the Fjallraven.

Then, I kept watching these reviews. I am still thinking about a new bag. Clearly, the itch has not been scratched, at least not now. This is annoying, but it reminded me once again how fleeting the satisfaction from owning something is. Am I going to actually grow from this experience? I am not sure.

And so, the urge continues.