Year 2020, Happy List

I like to look back. There is no LinkedIn-proper reason, just nostalgia. This year, I added a “Happy List.” I think after 2020 we are permitted to be trite and cheesy in the name of universal happiness. Pardon the brags- those are intentional.

  1. Learn to Type “Colemak”
    I decided to type differently. I regretted it, because I could no longer type on most keyboards (No one warned me that my brain could only keep one way to type!). Still the experience of putting everything in the Atomic Habits book in action was satisfying. I rant about it here.
  2. Newsletters from Austin Kleon, Brain Pickings, The Whippet: They are not too long and delightfully random.
  3. Claralabs – “A virtual employee that schedules your meetings”
    I CC it in my email, in my ESL level English (aka natural language), and it does the back and forth to set up a meeting. And being able to say “talk to my assistant” is silly but cool. 🤪
  4. Krisp
    It is a software that cancels noise, really, really, well. It made my calls inside a Starbucks-slash-zoom-disco sound incredible.

I do know why I have to look back. I tend to get stuck. Putting themes around the past, writing about it, is like mixing all the crumbs & bits, bake cakes and pies out of them, and devour them. Then I 💩, and move on.