Christmas 2020

I listened to Michael J. Fox’s interview with Terri Gross. He talked about gratitude. He has been battling Parkinson’s for 30 years. For him to share how he had to work on remaining genuinely grateful was a stern reminder of why we should and could all be truly grateful, often.

He also talked about how he changed from being an optimist to becoming an optimistic realist. Imagining his journey calmed me down and reminded me the importance of practicing gratitude. One way to get better at this, is to follow the age-old traditions of most religions- make use of the holidays.

I am going to make use of today, Christmas Day 2020, a day where it is universally agreed that it is not too glib or trite to pause and reflect, to reflect.

I am probably at the best stage of my life. It’s peak for sure.

Everyone is still around. Everyone is healthy.

I am relatively stable, most of the time.

We are financially ok. It is pure luck because this year the stock market has been beyond logical.

We run a school that does not need any justification of why it is a useful pursuit.

I am trying to grow a business, which I truly enjoy doing, because I am financially okay to support this.

What if this is it?
Is there any sign that it is insufficient?
Is there any sign of its imperfection?

Sam Harris

Thank you. I am truly grateful. I have a wife that embraces me and endures me. I have two kids that are pure and genuinely happy. Mom is finishing up her life celebrating the glory of her God and humanity.

Is there any sign that this is insufficient?