Routine – Sep 2021

Daily Routine: 5am: Wake up. Make coffee. freshen up. 5:30-6:30: Work out or Meditate 6:30-7:15: Walk 🐶 7:15-8:45: Get kids ready for school. Sometimes take them to school 8:45-9: Commute to cafe 9-10: Alone work- Write, organise notes, plan calendar 10-12: Continue work and or coaching 12-14: Lunch, chill, commute 14-16: Coaching 16-18: Spend time … Read moreRoutine – Sep 2021

Video Games and Their Unavoidable Harm

China has been cracking down on video game companies, in the name of “defeating the poisons of video games.” Perhaps Xi and co are actually approaching this mess correctly, because according to the numbers, gaming companies and platforms have no choice but to exploit the most addicted gamers in order to survive. Let’s look at … Read moreVideo Games and Their Unavoidable Harm

Do you remember where you were on September 11th, 2001?

I do. I have a personal story of 911. I have my own narrative of how I participated in that moment in history. I was in Ann Arbor, walking down South State street. In the air, beneath the warm confident blue sky, a whisper of the dry Midwest cold to come.  I have memories of … Read moreDo you remember where you were on September 11th, 2001?