Routine – Sep 2021

Daily Routine:

5am: Wake up. Make coffee. freshen up.

5:30-6:30: Work out or Meditate

6:30-7:15: Walk 🐶

7:15-8:45: Get kids ready for school. Sometimes take them to school

8:45-9: Commute to cafe

9-10: Alone work- Write, organise notes, plan calendar

10-12: Continue work and or coaching

12-14: Lunch, chill, commute

14-16: Coaching

16-18: Spend time with son, buy grocery, and cook dinner

18-2100: Dinner. Hang out with fam. Walk 🐶

21-2130: Bathe son and get ready to sleep

2130-22: Whine down, read, sleep!

Workout Routine:

20 mins: Stretching

10 mins: HIIT

30 mins: Weights circus

The biggest change to the routine was reducing the amount spent on HIIT and allocating that time to stretching.

Previous Routines:

August 2020, middle of COVID-19

January 2018, before my son was born






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