Month: April 2022

  • Enjoy The Question

    Enjoy The Question

    Enjoy the question. Do you like green eggs and ham? Enjoy the question. Because creativity comes not from the solutions. Creativity is question formulation. Resist the answers. Delay the solutions. Enjoy the question. Enjoy the question. Give your brain the time to work. Give your brain the time to search. Get into the shower. Enjoy…

  • macOS Big Sur User No Admin Error and Fix

    It took me a week to resolve this error. It was painful. I hope this post would help reduce the pain for someone out in the universe. Issue: After updating to Big Sur, in “System Preference” -> “Users & Groups,” no user was an “Admin.” There were only “Standard” users. The Fix: Remove a file…

  • How to Hack Death

    Memento mori, a reminder of the inevitability of death, is now a life hack. There are even apps for that. But there is a more Lindy way to hack death. Live with your cross-generational families, and like 99% of our ancestors, you have no choice but to learn to live with 💀