2022: 50% Done

It’s July, and 50% of 2022 is completed.

This year has been tough. Business wise, not much has progressed. I have new consulting jobs, but I have not had new coaching clients.

I am experiencing downs more frequently. I feel more unaccomplished.

I am more involved in the school. I enjoyed the time I spent with the teachers and the kids. Days went by quicker when I was involved in the school. But the Sundays during those weeks crashed more violently too. Those crashes were also more frequent. They felt like weekly anti-climax moments. I would feel dull and had to fight the negative thoughts of me accomplishing nothing on my own on Sundays, the day before another week of working in the school, the day before another week of nothingness in my own work.

I also took another cohort class. It was about small bets- small experiments of business ideas to get things moving. I was energized during the course and remained excited for a few weeks. I participated in the Discord server. I tried a few things on promoting myself on Twitter. I thought about writing my own short book and creating video content.

Then I was reminded again that these courses will not solve my silly issue of not starting. I tried this route many times. I wished a guided course would give me answers to what the results might be if I were to build something.

On a good day, I remember this is just part of the journey and continue to walk through it. On a bad day, I fall onto my knees and whine. Today is one of those better days, where I am capable of embracing the feeling of failure and walking forward at the same time.






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