World Shifted

Like many of you, I am obsessively consuming all information about Apple Vision Pro. Just now, after watching a video by Casey Neistat, I had a realization.

Endless review videos and articles feature people unboxing, setting up, and using the Apple Vision Pro. These reviews discuss the “what” and the “how” of the device.

In the last 48 hours, an increasing number of videos show people using the device in various public settings–on trains, in donut shops, at Times Square, and even while driving. Although some of these videos might seem like stunts, I believe they collectively represent our quest to understand the device’s purpose:

Why does the Apple Vision Pro exist? What problems does it aim to solve? How does it integrate into our lives? Will it transform our existence?

I’m unsure about the answers others have found to these questions. However, something subtle and significant is happening. Casey Neistat described a moment of clarity he experienced while using the Vision Pro to skateboard around New York City. Similarly, MKBHD mentioned a shift in his interaction with the real world after temporarily removing the Vision Pro. Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, encapsulated these experiences in his review:

“I did have a before and after feeling, like the world had shifted, not unlike when you saw the first iPod or iPhone.”

I think the launch of Apple Vision Pro is a watershed moment.

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