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  • macOS Big Sur User No Admin Error and Fix

    It took me a week to resolve this error. It was painful. I hope this post would help reduce the pain for someone out in the universe. Issue: After updating to Big Sur, in “System Preference” -> “Users & Groups,” no user was an “Admin.” There were only “Standard” users. The Fix: Remove a file […]

  • Tim Cook Butchered Cantonese

    Nike Epic Phantom React FK 4 random tidbits from the iPhone 11 Apple Event. From Schmoes to Pros My camera has an iPhone on it The Sequel: Siri & AR Strike Back Tim Cook butchered Cantonese, and it’s our fault 1. From Schmoes to Pros Apple pulled a Jedi-mindtrick on all of us with the new naming […]

  • Year 2018 in Podcasts

    (updated 2021 and changed original title “Podcasts in 2018 that brought me delight” to Year 2018 in Podcasts to make posts more consistent) An anarchist’s bakery, Captain Data’s wrath, Chuck E. Cheese, FUBR … “Making 2018 Meaningful”: Part 2: Podcasts An anarchist’s group of businesses in Ann Arbor that Obama visited The 😲 Moment. So many. How […]