It must suck to be Mark Zuckerberg

Apple Vision Pro is not the first VR/AR headset in the market. In fact, Meta launched its first pair of VR headset in 2016. That’s 7 years, 2,555 days, 61,000 hours ago. And yet, Apple Vision Pro, in 0.005 years, 2 days, and 48 hours, has created more attention than everything Meta has created.

It must suck to be Mark Zuckerberg.

It must suck to feel annoyed that everything you tried to deliver and create, from the technological breakthroughs to hype to fame, are cancelled by Apple in just 48 hours.

It must suck to feel humiliated that everyone around you is, in a way, telling you everything you believed the product should be, from how it is shaped to what it can do to how it should be priced, is wrong.

It must suck to be reminded that you, Mark Zuckerberg, will only be known for as the creator of a massive social network.

It must suck to be reminded that you will never be Apple.

It must suck to know that no matter how hard you’ve tried, what you have created, will never be as loved as what Apple is created.


(Photo: Mark looking giddy at the Mobile World Congress, during Samsung’s Galaxy S7 press event, in 2016)







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