14 Days In

I think I am doing well “showing up” at work. I seem to have built a reputation of someone who’s genuine. I guess my background gave people the impression that I was probably capable. However, I am also bothered by what I have heard.

It will take me time to see for myself some of the major negatives. Right now, my approach is to run towards the conflicts head on. I think that’s the best way for me to see if this would work out. I can wait for it to come to me, but I think it’s better for them and I to find out now if I could work in this kind of environment.

I am not good at dealing with emotionally lazy and irresponsible people. I am an emotional person and I tend to not keep my cool when I interact with emotionally careless people. I am not effective in dealing with them, or people who do not try to work on being empathic, respectful, and patient. I struggle with not judging them and focusing on the work.

I have had bosses who were like that. I survived only because I was able to keep a distance. One of them was not based in the same location. The other one was a step removed in the org chart. This time, I won’t have that distance. All hinges on how well I work with these people on a day to day basis.

I guess we will find out.







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