Tag: Depression

  • Forever Cracked

    Ever since that year, 2011, I was forever cracked, broken. I could not get out of this never ending worry for my health. I went on a no carb little meat diet almost 10 years. Then I fell into this on-going battle with binge eating after the 10 days silent retreat. I still struggle to […]

  • Getting In and Out of Ruts

    The older I get, the more I fall into ruts. Some collate them with lethargy. Some calls them depression and anxiety. The latest fad term to re-brand ruts? Languishing. I have found enough explanations of why we fall into ruts. I have accepted that ruts are just inevitable facts of existence. As we age, our […]

  • A cockroach, Oumuamua, and squirrels.

    A cockroach, Oumuamua, and squirrels. I suffer from mindlessness. When coupled with other cognitive distortions and natural selection, I am the optimal lab rat for any socialists psychologists and Buddhism monks. It was 4:30am. I woke up naturally. I wondered, if I were famous, would this fact earn me an entry into one of Business […]