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  • Newsletter? Video? Podcasts?

    Newsletter? Video? Podcasts?

    I am building in public. In 2019, I left my comfy corporate life and began my career as a solopreneur. Yes. I am 20 years late and I am that odd old guy, sitting in the front of the lecture hall, trying to keep up with those zealous and youthful undergraduates. Content: I post everyday […]

  • A Week To Remember.

    Nov 21st to 27th, 2020. Winter Fair, where 400+ people showed up. I was in charge of pasta. Made two sauces, and they tasted good. I got to use the full size kitchen at the school. Everything was so much hotter! I felt useful. The school is coming alone, albeit all the challenges, albeit the […]

  • ✍🏻{Level: 99} Professional Skills✍🏻

    ✍🏻{Level: 99} Professional Skills✍🏻

    In video games, {Level: 99} is the maximum level. When you reach {Level: 99}, your character has achieved the limits of the game. So what are “{Level: 99} professional skills” like? This is the kind of stuff I work on with my clients. Let’s start with {Level: 99} 🗣Discussion:🤔How did you feel after having a […]

  • 💼 Work, flow, Aug, 2020.

    This has been a struggle that lasted much longer than I ever imagined. I don’t have an office, so I hop around a lot. Since the pandemic, 100% of my sessions are now online. 930-1200: Cafe Sort through notes on Drafts on my Mac. File and organise notes into TheBrain. Start writing ideas on Bear. […]

  • How Much Do I Charge My Clients?

    ( Original Post: https://enlivenworks.com/fees/ ) I charge 2% of Your Monthly Salary. How? Why? Why Are You Sharing This? Most interactions I have had with potential clients always started with the fees, “How much does it cost?” The same is true when clients browse through the website, checking out testimonials, etc. “How much does it […]

  • 🤫 to Asking Useful Questions

    Which leads to better communication? Hacking our listening or questioning skills? The latter. Wait, what? “Creativity is problem formulation.” Murray Gell-Mann. Let’s think about it. Useful questions come from clear listening, empathy, the alchemy of analysing and intuiting, self control, patience, curiosity … Practice asking questions is a ultimate compound exercise. It trains a bunch […]

  • Starting My Own Gig: First 6 Months

    Starting My Own Gig: First 6 Months

    I ended my 20-year corporate career and started my own leadership coaching gig 6 months ago. During these first 6 months, a few very courageous souls and start-ups gave me the chance to beta-testing the corporate rah-rah I have hoarded over the years. Here are few observations: 1. “High-Performance; Low Potential”: Too often we divest from […]

  • The Coach That Made Me Quit My Career

    “Yea, video-tape your axx all you want. You think Kobe Bryant got great by only by watching VHS?” 6 months ago I decided to end my 20-year corporate career and started my own leadership coaching gig. There was one person that I blame this whole mid-life crisis on: One of my bosses at Nike. This was […]

  • Stack Your Resolutions

    Instead of swinging at new ones every year. There were so many failed resolutions in the last decade. Only a handful stuck. Hence in this decade, instead of haphazardly swinging at new gimmicky resolutions, I will try and stack on the ones that stuck: 1. My gym clothes are my pyjamas: Yes. I wear my gym clothes […]

  • Can Humility Be Worked On? Yes, Kind of.

    “The Value of Not Knowing.” https://www.flickr.com/photos/n0r/276318217/in/album-72157594467105582/ Being genuinely humble is such a common challenge. I see that especially in highly capable founders and managers that I get to work with. I tried to be humble too because humility was such a sparkly clean and powerful virtue: A humble leader liberates the team by personally welcoming […]