Tag: Failure

  • Rejected @ 45

    I was rejected, again. Jeez, again, really? Seriously? At the age of 45? It sucks. It still sucks, and it is difficult to not think that it’s me who screwed it up.  On paper, I cannot see how anyone would reject me- Good education. Pretty logical and uncomplicated career path. Good companies and titles. Not […]

  • Year 2020, in #Fail

    I attempted many things, and most of them ended in … failures. Yea I can say I learned from them, but to me, the best way to salvage those lost time is to muse about them. 1. Journaling Gosh I tried so many times- morning journals, dusk journals, bullet journals, 5 minute journals, 5 year […]

  • I Tried To Fix My Sink and Failed

    Sharon took the kids to the in-laws and I had the morning to myself. I had plans- clean up the study, improve the wifi, re-organize the store room, fold laundry, etc. Then I saw the sink was stuck. I decided to tackle it. I took the trap off, removed the gunk, but I could not […]

  • Rock the Boat, or Strive for Balance?

    Source: BBC Earth A friend had an interview with an awesome automotive startup. He also has a young kid. His current role is supremely stable. This opportunity will require him to travel 80% of his time. Established brand versus start-up; 9–6 versus 24/7; Family versus work. What should he do? To expand a bit more, his […]

  • Nintendo, the kid that keeps swinging.

    units sold in millions Nintendo has taken some big swings. Often these swings backfired spectacularly. Sometimes, they would hit home runs. Among most game console brands, Nintendo has been by far one of the most adventurous, if not reckless. It is especially interesting to compare Nintendo with its competitions, Sony and Microsoft. Playstation and XBOX have […]