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  • The Panacea Against Tear Gas

    The Panacea Against Tear Gas

    The last few days forced me to come face to face with many sad realities. The only way to feel less hopeless, less helpless, and to have fewer regrets, is to make sure that every second of my short life I am working my ass off to become useful and good; the kind of usefulness…

  • 港式Customer Service

    今日2019年第一日返工,為了開個好年,一早用菠蘿包煎雙蛋齋啡款待自己,提早享受每週cheat day。 這家60多年老的茶餐廳,每年都會加價。去年一月一日早餐統一加1蚊,今年一月一日所有包都加一蚊。 皆因當時較早,大部份都是常客熟客。食住個包,我慢慢欣賞店員同客人的對答,做了個盤點: 10個客有: 5個沒說話。 4個說類似:「加價了。辛苦啦。」 只有1個說類似:「哇!加咁多?!」「又加啦?」(跟住比店員以港式CS態度還牙:「你黎做啊」「貴唔好買啊」「咁買唔買啊?下位!!」) 40蚊的早餐加一蚊,感覺還可以。但6蚊嘅包變7蚊,幅度其實很大。理論上,應該更多人會有意見。 這令我回想起一個經歷。。。 2017年底,喺同一間茶餐廳食完,長期帶AirPod寸寸貢嘅爛仔侍應,臨走時同我吹水: 「31號晚點過?」 「blah blah」 「咁下年見啦。」 「嗯,下年見。」 「過年後加價啦。」 「啊,係啊?好啦。」 「講定先,等你過年前鬧咗先。」 「哈哈。有客會鬧?」 「X,我都會X啦。變L個鍾意加價啊。所以講定先,好過新一年第一日就猛被人X。」 「所有野都加啦,可以理解嘅。。。」 「X,日日被人X唔代表今次被人X會好受啲。X就係X。」 。。。 「好啦,下年見啦。」 「嗯。」 這就是歷練60年、港式Customer Service之涅槃也。

  • 中港台的爆


  • 膠與型,港人情


    七情上面; 不羈淡定

  • 9 Random Things in 2017.

    Something about us, from homemade soda to being a fake-rebel. Source: touchofmodern.com FIZZY WATER The best thing we have bought, has to be the DrinkMate (by a company from Ann Arbor). Nothing beats making your own soda water at home. I had to buy the machine from Taiwan, then the co2 canister from MongKok. It…

  • We have homework and exams.

    “No homework; No exams.” This is perhaps the most popular statement we love to use when describing our ideal form of better education. Throughout our interactions with the media, we could not stop them from summarising our school with this statement. We have witnessed, over and over again, posts with this statement would bait the…