I Dislike Myself for Disliking LeBron James

He is overhyped. His greatness has an *. He is a shxtty person. After LeBron’s ridiculous performance in the first 2 rounds of the NBA Playoff, it is (once again) clear to me my feelings of LeBron James should be: He is potentially the greatest of all time. He is highly influential. H is by … Read moreI Dislike Myself for Disliking LeBron James

It Sucks To “Kind of” Know Your Values.

dilbert.com Here is a simple mind exercise that will help. It’s like the plank, but for the brain: It’s simple to do, tough while doing it, and afterwards your core will be stronger, and we know that’s a good thing … We know if we experience and do things that align with what we care about … Read moreIt Sucks To “Kind of” Know Your Values.

#Jedimindtrick and #MayaAngelou-Rize yourself

source: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ValidUniformCaterpillar-size_restricted.gif My friend’s recent life changing journey has made an impact on me. While going through it with him, I learned a lot about him, and also about myself. One thing in particular, is around self awareness. I could not stop thinking about how we could become better at knowing who we are. (now … Read more#Jedimindtrick and #MayaAngelou-Rize yourself