Soul-Piercing Lessons of Life

From time spent listening to my daughter plays the violin

Whoever invented the violin was a jerk. The thing was designed to be shoved into your chin and to tattoo a hickey (google “violin hickey”) onto your neck. It makes soul piercing screeches that redefine the essence of dissonance. It is impossible not to detest it.

At my daughter’s school, art and music are not extra-curricular. Playing recorders, drawing, acting, are part of their every day classes. So is playing a string instrument.

My daughter plays the violin. I used to play the violin too. She isn’t learning it the way I did. Thanks to the coronavirus, I have been forced to listen to her play.

It has been really hard to seduce her to practice this unforgiving instrument. I tried them all- “Just do it!” “You are beautiful!” “Oh I understand~” None worked.

Restraining myself has also been challenging. It Is difficult not to notice mistakes I was trained for years to notice, and when she repeatedly made these mistakes, it was impossible not to go bonkers! 🙉 Look at her careless palm! Those lazy fingers! That sloppy bow! Zero grace!

Whoever invented the violin was a jerk.






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