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  • How Do I Want To Feel in 2022

    Let’s look back:In 2018, I wanted to feel more “in the middle,” “joyous from nostalgia,” and “useful more consistently.” In 2019, I wanted to “just do it.” In 2020, I wanted to “be in the moment more.” And in 2021, I said I wanted to feel “I am being responsible.” Specifically, I said, I need […]

  • How to Be Responsible – Ray Dalio’s New Book

    Ray Dalio’s new book, “The Changing World Order,” is coming out soon. He made a few chapters available for public viewing. I never liked his writing style but the content was great. In 2021, I want to feel that “I am being responsible” more often. Reading those few chapters of Dalio’s book gave me new […]

  • How Do I Want to Feel in 2021?

    In 2020, I wanted to be in the moment more. Turns out that was the appropriate goal. There were many changes and uncertainties in 2020, from COVID to the future of our school to my mental health to my work. I am glad I chose to that goal. It was exactly how I needed to […]

  • Stack Your Resolutions

    Instead of swinging at new ones every year. There were so many failed resolutions in the last decade. Only a handful stuck. Hence in this decade, instead of haphazardly swinging at new gimmicky resolutions, I will try and stack on the ones that stuck: 1. My gym clothes are my pyjamas: Yes. I wear my gym clothes […]

  • How Do I Want To Feel in 2020?

    “Like this?” (https://tw.manhuagui.com/comic/2592/450147.html#p=113) I did it. In 2019, I quit my 20+ year-long corporate career and started to be on my own. I did it. In 2019, I went to a 10-day meditation retreat. I did it. I achieved my 2019 goal- I did it. Hence in 2019 life has taken a few turns and […]

  • How do I want to feel in 2019?

    “Making 2018 Meaningful”: Part 3: Stepping into 2019 Last year, I wanted to focus on three things: (1) Feeling more “in the middle”(2) Feeling “the kind of happiness from looking at anything Nintendo in Japanese brings me.”(3) Feeling more “useful more consistently” With mixed results, perhaps indicators of progress, I nudged forward, gingerly. The quest […]

  • How Do I Want To Feel in 2018?

    Screenshot of https://www.nintendo.co.jp In short, I am trying to not say things like “I want to write more in 2018”.I started writing this a few weeks ago. I wanted to get through this, because I learned that it was easier for me to think through resolutions, but much harder to just hone in on the […]