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  • Plugging Back Into The Matrix

    I whined about why I stopped using Blinkist. I am about to use it again. The main reason why I am ready to give it another go is because in the ~2 years since I last used it, I have gotten better at summarising, taking notes, and turning those notes into meaningful ingredients. I have […]

  • Year 2020, in Words

    I am not going to participate in the books-I-read race, because I didn’t read that many books and I don’t like to lose. 😛 So instead, I want to share the article, the speech, the book, and the blog post that changed me in 2020. 1.The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to the […]

  • Read smarter with Readwise and Drafts

    Read smarter with Readwise and Drafts

    Two apps that make taking and reviewing reading notes simple and enjoyable. I used to highlight in the Kindle, and use a notes app to write things down from books, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. Now, I use Readwise.io and Drafts. Readwise makes reviewing your reading notes easy and delightful. It connects to your Kindle and captures […]

  • Why I Stopped Using Blinkist To Read

    Source: https://agileleanlife.com/blinkist-review/ Thanks to Nassim Taleb. The promise of Blinkist is enticing: Finish a book in 15 minutes -> Finish many many books -> Be like Bill/Nytimes/Naval/Yuval/#TheEnlightened 🧘🏻‍♂️ Furthermore, supposedly, it would help you find what you want to dive deeper into so one would buy books to read instead of just for adding the […]