Read smarter with Readwise and Drafts

Two apps that make taking and reviewing reading notes simple and enjoyable.

I used to highlight in the Kindle, and use a notes app to write things down from books, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. Now, I use and Drafts.

Readwise makes reviewing your reading notes easy and delightful. It connects to your Kindle and captures all your highlights and notes in one place. The app generates a Facebook-like daily feed of random highlights from your library, waiting for you to flip through it. Science proves re-reading books actively and repeatedly increases knowledge retention. The app has unique features that make the experience addictive, from the ability to add highlights from other sources (even Tweets!) to an insane amount of personalisation options.

Drafts is a note-taking app that integrates dictation well. It works great with the Apple Watch. In one tap, you can speak to the watch, and the text will be synced in the app on your phone/computer. I use it to take notes from books and audiobooks. You can export these notes into Readwise, so you can revise them in the daily feed.

I can’t objectively say I am smarter, but I can subjectively say I read more after using Readwise and Drafts.





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